Homemade paprika „GOLD POWDER“

Homemade paprika „GOLD POWDER“

We want to share with you the photo our friends Pepe and Reme send us from the city of Ayamonte in the province of Huelva and very close to the Portuguese Algarve.

Pepe has a small vegetal garden where he grows peppers with great care and love.

Reme is dedicated to drying and grinding and at the same time decorates the ceiling of his pretty patio with pepper strings.

In this way our friends manage to cover their paprika needs, obtaining a high quality product.

That is, we call PAPRIKA 160/180 ASTA PREMIUM QUALITY „GOLD POWDER“ and  we serve it many of our clients both in the national and international markets.

Although Murcia is one of the focus are of paprika production, we cannot doubt the extraordinary quality of this homemade product.


Thank you Pepe Y Reme for sharing with us these daily details and for the wonderful evenings on summer nights.