Company lunch last Friday 20 December 2013!

Company lunch last Friday 20 December 2013!

We had a lovely lunch and maybe the more important is to have the old team together…

In the right, our production manager Pepe „El Largo“ now retired… He is today 94 years old… Since 1968 started to work for us in our 4 dryers unit in La Matanza de Orihuela.

In the Middle Pepe Sanchez our General Manager all ready retired but still comming around just to see things are done in a correct way…

And in the left finally Manolo our factory’s neighbord since 1980 has been there to help us for anything. Thanks Manolo for all this year been there to help us… Also Thanks to you for your support!

Merry Christmas and all the Best for the New Year 2014!