This is an unprecedented moment for everyone. Thus, we understand that all companies, like EL CLARÍN SPICES, S.L., are taking all possible precautions to minimize the impact of this crisis.

Currently, EL CLARÍN SPICES, S.L. can satisfy the deliveries within the « normality » as previously to the events. Our current production capacity is stable and within normal values.

We are witnessing a crisis with consequences to be discovered, as such, EL CLARÍN SPICES, S.L., will review and update market information when it considers relevant and necessary.

Thereof, EL CLARIN SPICES, S.L., is taking measures to adapt as much as possible, and with the maximum speed, to the exceptional moments that we live. In this sense, to guarantee the ordinary dynamics of our production, we have designed a work plan that guarantees the safety of our professionals. Some of these measures include

· Promotion of teleworking in all positions where the situation is compatible
with maintaining the quality of the service.
· Measures to minimize the concentration of personnel: maximum separation
between jobs, distribution of personnel in rotating shifts, limitation of access
to rest areas, etc.
· Do not make any trip that is not considered strictly necessary.
· Minimize meetings both internally and externally, using the available
collaborative tools.
· Reschedule all the planned face-to-face events and training activities, trying
to ensure that, whenever possible, they are carried out online.

For our part, we want to confirm that we are permanently following the evolution ofCOVID-19 and adopting all the necessary protection measures so that all our services continue to be offered as always; ensuring maximum quality care, in an agile and personalized way. Right now, ensuring the safety of our employees and the interests of our customers is our priority.

Pepe Luis Sánchez