1. Collection

The fresh peppers are harvested from the plantations and dried in the sun taking into account the good handling practices to guarantee the quality and safety of the raw materials from the origin: “From the field to the table”.

Our Purchasing Department carries out a strict annual plan of on-site audits of our suppliers.

2. Storage

After the reception, the dehydrated peppers are identified and stored in our facilities complying with good practices for their correct conservation. Next, we proceed to manufacture the paprika.

3. Crushing

The paprika pods are crushed in a size of lessthan 5 millimeters.

4. Grinding

The chopped pepper crosses the stone mills several times until the desired granulometry of the intermediate product is achieved.

5. Blending

The different lots of ground raw material (batch) necessary to obtain the desired quality are mixed. Two separate lines are used for product manufacture: sterilised and non-sterilised.

6. Steam treatment

It is achieved by a heat treatment in which we use steam as a heat source.

7. Bagging / Packaging

Finally, product is vacuum bagged automatically, labelled and checked by a metal detector, previously to palletising.

8. Quality and Satefy Controls

All the different lines described have magnets (neodynium) and security sifting. Both, the ground items and the final product are analysed in our own laboratory to ensure compliance with legal and quality requirements.