Paprika El Clarín: Excellent for the taste, excellent for the health.

Paprika El Clarín: Excellent for the taste, excellent for the health.

Today we can enjoy many varieties of paprika that differs in colour and taste. That organoleptics features affects to the nutritional values too:

When more red are the paprika, more C vitamin will be inside. To be more clear, most of the paprika varieties have more C vitamin than many citric fruits. That becomes paprika a perfect food complement for the health and at the same time gives an excelent taste to many dishes.

Now we will see the main benefits of the paprika over the health:

  • Clean the blood.
  • Reduces the cholesterol levels.
  • By containing iron promotes the production of red blood cells and therefore improves oxygenation and nutrition of the cells, tissues and organs.
  • It contains potassium, which helps prevent a heart disease.
  • Helps to the correct muscular function and the bone development.
  • Increase the saliva production, that helps to the digestive process.
  • Among its carotenoid addition to vitamin C includes zeaxanthin, beta-carotene and cryptoxanthin preventing lung cancer and cervical cancer. Zeaxanthin also helps to improve eyesight because it eliminates free radicals in the retina.
  • Its vitamin C helps improve influenza and catarrhal states.
  • Containing Vitamin A that strengthens the immune system.
  • Nice antioxidant if is used frecuently.

Buy our paprika: that will improve your dishes and your health!

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